Our company was incoporated in 2008. We specialize in underground works in the domestic market and abroad. In the Slovak market we are also enagaged in building residential and non-residential buildings. Our goal is to provide best services to our present and future clients in Slovakia and abroad.

Tunnel NL 35 Norra Lanken Stockholm Sweden KUJ 1365 Kiruna Sweden Tunnel NL 35 Norra Lanken Stockholm Sweden

S-BAU SK, s. r. o. has specialized staff to provide specialized and integrated services in underground mines. We offer a wide variety of mining services such as:

  • Drilling with Jumbo machines
  • Blasting
  • Loading with a fair number of Scooptrams underground loaders
  • Scaling
  • Roof Bolting
  • Frame Support
  • Pumping and installation of water networks
  • Ventilation
  • Electricity Works
  • Schafts sinking
  • Schafts reinforcement
  • Schafts renovation
  • Shotcreting
  • Prospecting

And generally all services needed for a successful underground operation. The above services are provided separately or as turnkey projects depending on customer needs. Mines development involves the excavation of access ramps and declines and the excavation of drifts and crosscuts leading to the ore body. The proper design and proper access of the mine, particularly underground mines is for our basic principle.

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